Best Pet Insurance in Australia?

Finding the best pet insurance could be compared with solving a complex puzzle, with so many insurers and various coverage options, costs, and policies to consider. Finding the perfect fit can be challenging, but it could also serve as a vital safeguard, and possibly provide financial protection and access to essential healthcare for your pet if it was needed.

Important factors when it comes to choosing pet insurance.

In the current economic climate, with the cost of living constantly on the rise, many people find it hard to afford even their own health insurance, let alone pet insurance. As a result, the idea of pet insurance often attracts doubt and apprehension. Less than 8% of dog owners in Australia have pet insurance, this statistic naturally raises the question, Is pet insurance worth it?

The cost of your pet insurance is going to depend on a few factors, including your pet’s age, sex, breed, and location, along with the type of coverage you choose. Some breeds are prone to more health issues than others, and that can bump up the premium. Generally, you can expect to pay anywhere from $20-$60 a month. But this is just an estimate – your actual costs will depend on your pet’s details and the policy and which insurance brand you choose. Check out our cost comparison.

Top Pet Insurance?

There is a plethora of different brands but when you peel back the curtain of Australia’s pet insurance industry, you’ll discover a landscape dominated by two giants.

Hollard Insurance: This powerhouse casts a large shadow over the market, underwriting several brands from Petsecure to Woolworths Pet Insurance and Real Pet Insurance. Its broad reach and strong influence position it as a pivotal player in the sector.

Insurance Australia Group (IAG): IAG backs a range of brands such as RSPCA Pet Insurance, Choosi, and Guide Dogs Pet Insurance. Its standing as one of the premier insurance groups in Australia and New Zealand enhances its reputation and impact in the pet insurance world.

While the stage appears to host a multitude of players, most are directed by these two market leaders. But remember, every brand has its own nuances; coverage details, premiums, and customer service can differ significantly under the same parent company.

Affiliations and Insurance networks

People usually purchase their pets from a range of places, including animal shelters, rescue groups, trusted breeders, pet stores, online platforms, or even through friends and family. Sometime these sources offer advice and sometimes discounts on pet insurance. Rescue organisations like the RSPCA also provide pet insurance options. In certain cases, these insurance policies can be transferred over to the new pet owner, allowing them to bypass usual exclusions or waiting periods.

It’s common for breeders and pet stores to have affiliations with insurance brokers. Insurance transfers from breeders to new pet owners have a unique benefit. When a breeder offers an insurance policy, they’ve usually (not always) already initiated the coverage, so the usual waiting periods for certain conditions have already been bypassed. In other words, the pet is covered from the moment it enters its new home. This is particularly beneficial as it may also cover certain conditions that a new policy might not, due to pre-existing conditions exclusions.
The relationship between the breeder and the insurance provider can also offer a seamless transfer process. It’s typically straightforward, with the new pet owner providing their details to take over the policy. This can be a significant advantage, especially for first-time pet owners who may not be familiar with the intricacies of pet insurance.

Insurance discount codes

When it comes to insurance discount codes, it’s crucial to note the duration of the discount. While these codes can often be found online, they usually have a limited lifespan. However, some discounts offered by breeders may last for the entire policy duration, leading to substantial financial savings over time.

Keep in mind that while some insurance companies may offer the first 2-3 months for free, they could offset this by charging significantly high premiums afterwards.

It is worth taking the time to do a bit of research. 

Pet Insurance Research

When considering pet insurance in Australia, there are several key factors to research to ensure you’re getting the right coverage for your pet and at a fair price. Here are the main things to consider…

Types of coverage

There are typically three types of coverage for pet insurance:
• Accident-only
• Accident and illness
• Comprehensive

Accident Only

Covers injuries, like broken bones or cuts. It’s cheap and kicks in immediately but doesn’t cover illnesses.

Accident & Illness

Accident and Illness: Most common choice. Helps when your pet is sick or injured.


Covers accidents, illnesses, plus routine care like vaccinations. These plans often have higher benefits and/or reimbursement rates but come at a higher cost.

Remember, each insurance provider has its own unique offerings, so it’s essential to compare plans to find the best fit, always read the fine print, which no one has time for! Look out for the Product Disclosure Statement to know what you’re buying. It is wise to look over the Target Market Determination (TMD) it describes who a product is appropriate for (target market) and any conditions around how the product can be distributed to customers.

Price vs. Coverage

While premiums vary depending on factors such as the type of coverage, your pet’s age, sex, breed, and location, having insurance can potentially save you big bucks in the long run. Deciding between price and coverage depends on your financial capacity, risk tolerance, and your pet’s needs. Young, healthy pets might need less coverage, while older or at-risk pets might need more, despite higher costs.

Age Matters

 When it comes to pet insurance, age can play a role. Getting insurance when your pet is young and healthy is a smart move. Some insurers may have age restrictions or exclusions for pre-existing conditions, so it’s always better to enrol your furry friend sooner rather than later. It may be harder to find coverage for senior pets, you may have to shop around; just be aware that certain conditions may be excluded due to age-related issues.

Pre-existing Conditions

Ah, the notorious pre-existing conditions clause. Just like human health insurance, pet insurance providers often exclude pre-existing conditions from coverage. These are illnesses or injuries your pet had before the policy started. Some insurers offer coverage for certain pre-existing conditions after a specific waiting period or with additional conditions. It’s essential to understand each provider’s policy regarding pre-existing conditions before deciding.

Embracing the Unexpected

Life is full of surprises, and sometimes our pets encounter unforeseen health issues. Having pet insurance in place can give you the freedom to make decisions based on your pet’s best interests, rather than financial constraints. It’s about ensuring they receive the necessary treatments, surgeries, or therapies, regardless of the expense.

Peace of Mind

Perhaps the most valuable aspect of pet insurance is the peace of mind it brings. Knowing that you have a financial backup plan can alleviate stress and allow you to focus on enjoying your pet’s company and creating cherished memories together. It’s all about the comfort of knowing that if anything happens, you’ll be ready to take care of your furry family member without hesitation.


While pet insurance can provide a safety net for unexpected expenses, sceptics question its value and costs. Ultimately, it’s a personal decision based on your pet’s needs and your financial situation. Choose wisely, as your furry friend deserves the best care possible.
Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog is for informational purposes only and should not be considered as financial or insurance advice. Please consult with a qualified professional for personalised guidance regarding your specific situation.

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