What is Bezzie?

Bezzie is a dog food subscription service, they provide a service where subscribers receive regular deliveries of personalised dog food to your doorstep on a set schedule. When you subscribe you are provided a personalised meal plan for your dog, and they will deliver it to you on a regular basis.

Review of Bezzie dog food, customer service and ordering process.

To provide a comprehensive review of Bezzie’s customer service, products and procedures we subscribed to Bezzie, allowing us to get an honest first-hand experience. This review provides in-depth insight into their products and service and give you our opinions in order to help you make an informed decision on whether it’s worth your money.

Subscribing to Bezzie dog food subscription service.

The website is well-organized and easy to navigate, with an intuitive, user-friendly interface with a crisp, clear layout. When you arrive at the homepage you can simply click on ‘Get Started’. You will then be asked the usual questions including everything from age, breed, weight, energy levels and  the number of times your dog goes for a walk to diet and allergies and heath issues. These will be checkbox and multiple choice questions. 

Ordering process takes about 5-10 minutes. Be sure enter the correct details regarding your dog’s weight, age and activity levels, as this will determine quantities and costs. The bigger the dog the more it costs, and you want to make sure you order enough food. 

We placed the order for Ebenezer, also known as Eb, a 7 year-old Briard who weighs 22kg, he is active and eats about 400g of chicken or Kangaroo ball from Coles with a scoop of dry dog food (whatever is on special) daily. Ebenezer does not have any intolerances nor does he have any health issues that we know of. He is not very fussy and I think he will enjoy what Bezzie have to offer.

The Bezzie dog food plan options...

Raw – All natural chicken, all natural beef or combo

Bites – Aussie fish, Aussie chicken and duck

Cooked – Beef or chicken

There is no option available to order both the raw and the cooked, so I ordered the Raw & Bites. 

The total cost without the 40% first order discount - $44.25

Our first Bezzie order for a 2 week starter box was $29.21

Pricing Date: 21st January, 2023

Bezzie; Meets the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO, uses RSPCA-approved chicken, grass-fed lamb and dog friendly veggies is GMO-free and prepared in Australia.

Did the Bezzie order get delivered on time?

Sadly no, we placed the order on the 19/01/23 and we arranged for the order to be delivered on the 14/02/23,  we realised we needed it sooner so I requested for the order to be delivered earlier. The delivery date was changed to the 07/02/23.

There was a mis-communication and unfortunately the order arrived on Saturday 04/02/23 to my work address, which meant I did not received it until Monday 6/02/23 by which time the raw food had defrosted. The ice pack had defrosted and there was liquid in the bag. The raw meat had to be put in the rubbish. The kibble was salvageable. 

I was impressed with Bezzie customer service.

When I called Bezzie to advised what happened they where very apologetic. I confirmed that the raw food had been put in the rubbish. They said I could keep the kibble free of charge and that they would send out a replacement box. 

They went the extra mile and provided a positive experience. A replacement box arrived on the 14/02/23 nicely frozen solid.

The Bezzie order came nicely packaged. 

When the replacement box arrived it was again nicely packaged but this time rock solid frozen, and went straight into the freezer. I like the individual 250 gram packages and all the products were clearly labelled. 

What did Eb the dog think of Bezzie dog food?

Like all the food subscription services Bezzie recommend transitioning onto the Bezzie dog food slowly over the first week, mixing the original food with increasing proportions of Bezzie food. He ate the Bezzie portion first which I think is a clear indication he liked it. 

During the transitioning it did this it did get me thinking – do most people really take the time and effort to slowly transition their dog’s diet and measure out their food? Maybe our dogs are more adaptable than we give them credit for, and a skip in the protocol wouldn’t be the end of the world for them, however if your dog is sensitive to new foods then it is highly recommended to do this, especially if your the person that has to scoop their poop especially if they get an upset belly due to the change of food. 

My overall thoughts of Bezzie dog food.

What makes Bezzie stand out from the other food subscription services is its unbeatable value for money. 35% cheaper than the average dog food subsciption.

Bezzie offer a range of meal plans to choose from, another tick, and its comforting to know I was feeding my dog a nutritious  meal that he seemed to enjoy. 

The service is convenient and hassle-free way to ensure that you always have healthy and nutritious food for our dog. I often find myself running to the shops when we run out of dog food. Regular deliveries of food for your dog saves time and also means your dog is getting a good diet. Bezzie also offer customisable options and can cater to your dog’s individual dietary needs. Overall, Bezzie dog food subscription service is a great option for busy people who want the best for their dogs. 

It was easy to un-subscribe. Quick phone call and it was all sorted. Being able to easily pause or cancel the subscription is always a crucial feature of any subscription service. I believe this reassures customers that they are not locked into anything that they no longer want.. 

My dog Eb did love Bezzie dog food and I can highly recommend it.

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