Lyka Dog Food Subscription Product Review

What is Lyka?

Lyka is a brand of dog food, they offer a variety of dog food via a subscription service. They have options for different life stages and dietary needs of dogs. They claim their products are made with high-quality ingredients and is said that it has been designed to provide dogs with nutrition they need to stay healthy and happy. Their products include grain-free, high-protein, and other ingredients options. 

Lyka offers wet food, treats, and supplements. Their wet food is made with real meat and vegetables and is designed to provide dogs with the moisture they need for optimal health. Lyka claim their treats are made with natural ingredients and are free from artificial preservatives, colours, and flavours. Their supplements are designed to support specific health needs such as joint, skin, and coat health.

Lyka brand also claims that all of their products are made in Australia with locally sourced ingredients, and they are committed to using sustainable and eco-friendly packaging.

Lyka dog food is a relatively new brand (Lyka was founded in 2018 by Anna Podolsky, an animal lover and dog mum to an 11-year-old Border Collie named Lyka.), it is gaining popularity among pet owners. Upon research it appears pet owners have reported positive results after switching to Lyka dog food, noting that their dogs have had shinier coats and more energy. However, it’s always best to consult with your veterinarian to get the best advice for your pet.

While Lyka dog food appears to be of high-quality, it is also on the more expensive side when compared to other dog food brands.

You will be provided with some more options on what type of meat you would like to order including;

  • beef
  • chicken
  • lamb
  • kangaroo
  • fish 
  • turkey

The choices include; Full Bowl with 2 weeks of food, Half bowl with 4 weeks of food or starter plan. 

The Full Bowl plan is supposed to make up 100% of his/her daily calorie needs.

Half Bowl plan is supposed to be 50% of your dog’s daily food intake, with the other 50% to be supplemented with other food of your choice!

The Starter Box consists of 14 days’ worth of Full Meals, which is smaller than what is offered within our Full Bowl plan and is a way to see what your dog likes because you can choose a variety of recipes.

Full bowl – 2 weeks of food  Total: $151.90

Half bowl – 4 weeks of food Total: $182.00

Starter pack – 14 days of food  Total: $151.90

Pricing Date: 10th March 2023

I was confused as to what was the difference between the full bowl and the starter pack the full bowl says ‘2 weeks’ the Starter box says ’14 days’ with the same amounts… 

“what is the difference between the Full bowl and Starter pack option”  

Live Chat advised…

‘The Starter Box consists of 14 days’ worth of Full Meals, which is smaller than what is offered within our Full Bowl plan. You can select a variety of recipes within the Starter Box, so you can see what your dog likes.’  

I was still a bit confused by this.

Does Lyka offer discounts?

I was sent an email offering a 15% discount for my first order. Saving a whopping  $27.78.

When I first visited the website there was a banner on the  home screen stating a 15% discount for 1st orders. 

The cost of Lyka dog food does not come cheap..

The cost is one of the biggest draw backs on the decision to subscribe to Lyka. A lot of people could not afford to spend $10.85 per day on dog food. It is a lot of money. People these days spend less on meals for their children.

Low quality dog food costs between about $40 – $80 per month (about $2.00 per day / $60 per month) for your average sized dog. .

Based on a 22kg dogCould you afford it?
Generic low cost brand
Lyka dog food
Cost per day
Cost per week
Cost per month
Cost per year

That’s a difference of $2925.60 a year!!

It doesn’t take an economist to realize that this product is awfully pricey!

The increased cost does mean your dog is getting a healthy diet which could reduce the chance of your dog getting sick and a huge vet bill down the line. 

Pricing Date: 10th March 2023

Did the Lyka delivery arrive on time?

We placed the order on the 19/01/23 and the order arrived 5 days later. I received an email the day before as well as a phone message and another one on the morning of the delivery. It arrived at 7:31am I did have order notes to please deliver between 8:30am and 4pm as I got it delivered to my work address and was sitting at the door when I arrived. 

What was Lyka's packaging like?

The order came in a nicely packaged in a green box with a little hole which is supposed to be for your dog to smell the food. The food is nicely wrapped in 100% wool environmentally friendly blanket, a welcome booklet and pamphlets as will as the ‘Go-To Gut Helper’ (which is free with your 1st box). The dog food is rock solid frozen and neatly packaged.

What I thought on Lyka dog food.

When the order arrived I did feel like there was a lot of effort to be done to get started with Lyka. Firstly I had to make room in the freezer which they did warn me about. 

I also felt like I had a lot of reading to do regarding the ‘7 day transition stage’ and then how to use the ‘Go to gut helper’ and how much I was supposed to feed him.. I will admit I set it aside for 2 days after which time I had, had time to read the booklet, I had already placed 2 of the satchels in the fridge already (I wasn’t sure of the quantity I would have to feed my dog Eb plus I didn’t have much room left in the freezer)  

I was ready to try this new dog food with my dog Eb. 

The 7 day transition onto Lyka dog food.

I choose this option only because I am a little bit lazy and 14 days seemed like a lot of effort.

I wonder how many people actually follow these instructions considering the food is so healthy how could it be bad, right? But as it says in the booklet in a section about ‘peculiar poop’ it could be a shock to your dog system and I am sure most people would not want their dog getting diarrhoea. 

Lyka meals included..

Free Range Chow Chompin’ Chicken Bowl
(suitable for sensitive tummies’)

Grass Fed Lip Lickn’ Lamb Bowl 
(Super for skin sensitivities)

Barn Raised Tail Tappin’ Turkey Bowl

Grass Fed Big Boppin’ Beef Bowl
(Great for active dogs)

Wild Caught Rip Rollickin’ Roo Bowl
(Suitable for pancreatitis and weight loss)

Wild Caught Fancy Fetchin’ Fish Bowl
(Great for coat, skin and joints)

I have never ‘transitioned’ my dog onto the new food but for the sake of the review I followed the steps and I thought it was unpleasant, as well as time consuming.

I did not enjoy having to store the partial amounts in the fridge or the smell. I started on the ‘Wild Caught Fancy Fetchin’ Fish Bowl’ and it was very fishy.

Once I had scooped out the right amount from the plastic packaging I then had to scoop out 25% of my dogs regular dog food from a can, which also needed to be stored it in the fridge for the first 2 days of transitioning.

I also wet some of his kibble down the day before so it was like a mash-like consistency. (which was recommended) the process was distasteful and time consuming.

What I needed for the transition of Lyka.

A bowl 75% of what your dog regularly has of soaked kibble (prepared the day before) – you only need this if your dogs regular dog food is kibble 

 My dogs regular canned dog food – 75% of it, so you will also need cover it and store it in the fridge for the next serve 

25% of the new Lyka food – I estimated the amount. You will also need to store the rest in the fridge so you could use a container. 

Your dogs bowl, a spoon to scoop out the food and a tea spoon for the Gut helper powder, and the booklet so you can follow the steps.

What did my dog Eb think of Lyka dog food?

Eb loves it. We have never seen him get so excited about his dinner before. His tail wags and he runs outside and sits at his bowl ready for his food.

My overall thoughts of Lyka dog food

The Lyka dog food is quality dog food if you have the money I would definitely recommend Lyka for any dog there are so many ticks and only a few crosses the biggest one being the cost. 

Considering the ingredients and all the efforts the companies commitment to help save the planet and also how they go about making this product using it does explain the cost. Here is a list of some of them.. 

Human grade ingredients (they claim it has been tasted by humans *yuck*)

They use 95% Aussie ingredients

Grassfed wholesale

Free range chicken

They support local farmers

Use free range wild caught high welfare animals

Fancy ingredients including things like; shitake mushrooms, spirulina, kelp powder, phyllium seed husk, flaxseed oil, beetroot powder, hemp seed just to name afew.  

If you want to unsubscribe to Lyka

It is good know know it is easy to un-subscribe to Lyka dog food. Some businesses make it hard to contact them to un-subscribe. Lyka have a 1300 contact phone number, live chat – they usually respond within an hour or so or send an email. They also have Facebook and Instagram. To un-subscribe I went on the live chat  and asked ‘How do I un-subscribed and I received this message within minutes. 

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