Omlet Eglu Go Hutch Product Review

We purchased the Eglu Go Hutch and tested it on Murray the rabbit. 

Before I ordered this hutch I did some research and there is plenty of information available for this product. There are ‘Verified Reviews’ that are generated from the Omlet website, these reviews are mostly positive. The Omlet brand is known for producing high-quality, innovative chicken coops and accessories for backyard chickens. They have a reputation for being easy to assemble, durable, and well designed. For this review we purchased the Eglu Go Hutch and tested its features on a rabbit. 

For this review we will discuss not only the product but the company (Omlet) you’re buying it from as well as assembly of the product and the cost and delivery and more. 

This hutch is suitable for rabbits, guinea pigs and chickens. We decided on the 2 meter outdoor run would give him more than enough room to play outside. It is believed that rabbits live longer when kept inside, Murray has always been an inside rabbit. We thought it would be nice to give Murray some fresh air and a bit of sunshine.

Studies show that rabbits who live indoors live longer than rabbits kept outdoors because they are less likely  to be exposed to parasites, mites, flees and mosquito bikes. 

Ordering from Omlet.

The ordering process was reasonably easy. When you order the Eglu Go Rabbit Hutch there are a few options. I chose the 2m Run Package in Green (also available in purple). When I placed the order a pop up alerted me that if I signed up with my name and email, I would get a 5% discount.

You can get add on parts which you can purchase separately including; a wheel set, handles, covers, extensions, tunnels, doors and temperature blankets.

Omlet gives you the option to make an account or purchase as a guest. The payment options include Credit card or PayPal. There was no payment plan option such as Afterpay or anything similar, which I think may deter come shoppers. 

Overall, the checkout process was standard. The site offered a 180-day money back guarantee for peace of mind, free returns, 2 year warranty, secure payment. There was also an option to pick up from a warehouse in Orchards Hill for the quickest delivery available to buyers, which squashes concerns about international post delays.

Cost of the Eglu Go Hutch?

The Eglu Go Rabbit Hutch with 2m Run Package was $590.00 AUD and the delivery cost was $40.42 AUD TOTAL = $630.42

Did the Eglu Go Hutch arrive on time?

The order arrived within a week  in 2 boxes, packaged nicely. Once we had unboxed all the parts it was time to assemble. 

Assembling the Eglu Go hutch

The plastic section was almost like a puzzle, none of the sections are square so that made it easier to identify were the sections went. 

After lots of time and effort, it was an incredibly satisfying feeling when the job finally got done! The whole assembly took us about 2-3 hours. The assembly video we found online saved us, I recommend watching the video if you are assembling one of these. We had to watch it a few times, we worked it out.

The most time consuming and frustrating part was making sure the bag full of small clips were fitted into the correct spot. We tried to follow the diagrams and place the clips to match, keeping them symmetrical on both sides of the wire framed run section and when they didn’t match in spots (because we did it wrong) taking them off was painful on the fingers and frustrating at the same time.

Is it hard to disassemble an Eglu Go Hutch?

Once we had assembled it we then had to disassembled it so we could take it outside. Instead of dismantling and have to reassemble the whole thing we separated the run from the hutch and carried it out in 2 parts. The internal metal bar came apart inside but we managed to slot it back in without having to crawl inside on hands and knees to fix it.

Do we think the Eglu Go Hutch a safe option for your pets?

The hutch is insulated for temperature control so you can ensure your pets warm in winter and cool in summer. The hutches thick plastic body its very solid and sturdy and seems to be made of a nice quality plastic. I think it  will give protection from predators as well as waterproof and easy to clean.  My bunny can easily hide inside the hutch area if there was a predator. I would still worry about large dogs and cats pushing on the wire, but I can’t imagine anything being able to break through it.

What I liked most about the Eglu Go Hutch..

I particularly like the little door from the run to the hutch it is well designed and sturdy, I think this is one of the best features of the hutch. You simply lift the handle from the top and twist it to open and shut. 

The cost of this hutch is a lot but the reality is that it’s durable, meaning it will last longer and be less likely to crack and much slower to weather. I would prefer quality rather than continuously buy less expensive rabbit enclosures that need to be constantly replaced when damaged. I particularly liked that it was waterproof and easy to clean.


What I didn't like about the Eglu Go Hutch

The bedding can get caught between the door of the hutch and the run which can be a pain to clean. It is not fun to climbing in on all fours to properly clean out. It is tricky trying to get the rabbit out the enclosure. When I clean it I just scoot the rabbit into the run section.  

 Although the tray in the hutch can slide out, it would be better if it wasn’t as wide as its just a tad too big to tip into a bin without poop falling off the sides. Meaning if you’re planning on getting one, it might be best to get a compost going which is a sustainable compromise and a useful addition to anyone’s garden.

I didn’t purchase the wheels or handles. In hindsight that would have made it easier to move around. If you do purchase the additional wheels for the hutch, it is lifted off the ground, which would make it less damaging to the grass. Without the wheels it is a lot heavier and drags a lot making it a two-person job whereas the risen hutch with wheels means it could be moved by just one person. 

If you purchase this hutch for chickens then you can purchase slightly different design. I can’t imagine more than 2 chickens fitting in the hutch area. 

Omlet claim the hutch to be predator proof, but it is not mouse rodent or mosquito proof so I am worried about mozzies because they can carry  disease.  

I contacted my local vet and I was advised that they charge $93.50 for the vaccination for the  Calivirus pronounced ‘khaleesi virus’.

A natural way you can combat mozzies is to grow rosemary plans nearby as it is an excellent mosquito repellent and won’t harm your bunnies or pets. 

The hutch well insulated and would keep out the hot and the colder weather but could also be stuffy for the animals in warmer weather, as the plastic material does not allow for much air ventilation. 

The Eglu go hutch also came with a hay rack, a 600ml water bottle which you can slot into its holder on the side of the hay rack and also comes with a stainless steel bowl.

Mozzie’s can get indoors but even so it may be worth considering getting your rabbits vaccinated if you decide to get this hutch. 

Another issue I came across is that you can’t easily access pets from the outside quickly when they are in the run section. You can purchase a door separately from Omlet that you can attach to the run yourself if you are handy. Not a job that would appeal to some. 

For others the manufactured look and or the choice of only 2 colours might not appeal to their style or backyard though I personally I did not mind the plastic and I liked the green. 

Overall, I was impressed with the Eglu Go Hutch and although it is one of the more expensive options. I would recommend it.  

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