What Miles and I thought of the Snooza Calming Cuddler Bed.

Like everyone else I want the best for my dog, but there are so many options. My 7-year-old chihuahua Miles needed a new bed. Previously, I had purchased him cheap beds which didn’t stay looking good for long. So, I decided to go all out and purchase him a premium bed.

I had heard about Snooza through some friends and they had described it as being very good quality. 

Snooza had a lot of dog beds to choose from including...

Their was a lot to choose from on the website my chihuahua can get very anxious so I wanted a calming bed in hopes it may calm down my nervous nelly, the following beds where listed under ‘Calming Dog Beds’ 

  • Cuddler
  • Ultra Comfort Lounge
  • Ortho Dream Sofa
  • Hoodie Cuddler
  • Snuggler
  • Calming Woolly Blanket
  • Calming Cuddler Blanket
  • Ortho Sofa, Buddy Bed
  • Multimat Crate
  • Indoor Outdoor Ortho Nestler
  • Ortho Nestler, Sofa Buddy
  • Cooling Cuddler 
  • Calming Bundle. 

There are circle shaped, square, sofa shaped,  blankets, sofa buddies for protecting your couch and lots of different styles. The dog beds prices ranged from $39.90 to $399.90 and are available in all different sizes and colours.

Snooza brand Calming Cuddler bed was also available in small, medium, large, extra large, and can be purchased in 10 different colours. I purchased the Small size and Mink colour. This bed claims to provide comfort and security for anxious pets. 

Purchasing Snooza

I found it really easy to complete my purchase. The website is very user friendly with a nice layout and easy to navigate usability. 

Although there was a lot of choice, I found the one I wanted quickly and the purchasing was simple.  All I had to do was ‘add to cart’ then go to the checkout. Express checkout was available with – shopPay, PayPal and G Pay options.  If you do not what to use these options you must create an account and follow the prompts. Once you have create an account you are then able to use the credit card payment option.

Shopping online can be risky, so knowing there was a pick up option available (in Victoria) is reassuring knowing that the product isn’t coming all the way from overseas.

What I paid for my Snooza bed

I paid $119.90 for the Small Calming Cuddler bed, and $19.22 for shipping.  

Pricing Date: 22nd February, 2023

Calming bed cost comparison

Cost comparison: The bigger version of the Calming Cuddler bed (XL Calming Cuddler) was $259.90 plus $35.53 for shipping.  

Google shopping comparisons: Showing for ‘calming dog beds’ at the time of this review (Feb 2023) the first thing I noticed was that Kmart has a ‘Pet Bed Round-Medium for only $4.00 but the delivery is $14.00 so the total $18.00 delivered.  I also compared the below similar products…

Calming beds Cost comparison
Pet Circle
Product cost

Wish had the cheapest option but I know from experience that delivery can take months. I also know that its a bit hit and miss in terms of quality. Things often seem cheaper until you factor in the delivery charge and look at the total price, so its always good to check the freight charge before you decide what to buy.

My Snooza delivery arrived on time.

When I purchased the Snooza I noticed it said they ship in 2-4 days. They used Australia post to ship but the website stated that they use StarTrack to express oversized items.

They sent a shipping notification when the order left the warehouse along with an Australia Post tracking number. Australia Post sent an email when it was despatched with a hyperlink that I was able to track my order with.

What I thought of the quality of my Snooza Bed.

As soon as I unboxed my Snooza bed, I was pleasantly surprised. You could instantly tell it was made from high quality materials. It had plenty of dense filling and seemed well-structured.

The faux fur was very soft and fluffy. The Mink colour is a coffee brown with white tips. I am happy to report that the colour in real life looks just as good as the photos online.

I love the classic design of it – it is sure to suit any home, no matter what the décor.

But now the true test - What did Miles think of his new bed?

I’m happy to report that he loves it!

He instantly hopped onto the bed and curled up. The Calming Cuddler bed’s shape is specifically designed to mimic your dog’s natural sleeping position. The raised walls make it extra cosy and really help a pup to relax. If you’re looking for a bed that will help your anxious dog feel more at ease, this is one to consider.

Miles is loving his Snooza bed and it still looks quite new.

I am impressed with how it has kept its shape over time.
While he usually curls up in the middle, Miles will sometimes hang over the side and lay over the raised section. Yet over a year later, the sides are still holding their shape.

Compared to other calming dog beds online, the Snooza Calming Cuddler bed isn’t cheap. But after purchasing one, I truly believe it is worth every penny. It has lasted much longer than any cheap bed I ever bought him before so really is no more expensive in the long term.

If you are looking for a dog bed that your pup will love but won’t look ugly in your house, I recommend giving Snooza a try. It is worth spending a little extra on your furriest family member.

chihuahua on snoonza dog bed
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