Researching pet enclosures

Owning a pet comes with many responsibilities, one of which is providing them with a safe and appropriate enclosure. Whether you have a cat, dog, bird, guinea pig, rabbit, or chickens it’s important to choose the right type of enclosure to keep them safe and comfortable. While it may seem like a daunting task, researching pet enclosures is essential for ensuring your pets safety and comfort.

Is the pet enclosure the correct size?

One of the most important factors to consider when buying a pet enclosure is size. Ensure the enclosure provides ample space for your pet to move around comfortably. Consider their breed, age, and activity level to determine the size of the enclosure they need. Some additional products may have to be added, such as a nesting box, resting area, litter trays, perches, bedding, food and water. Take this into account when looking at the size of the enclosure.

Is the enclosure design suitable for your pet?

Choose an enclosure with easy access points, such as doors or flaps, to make it easy for your pet to get in and out. Look for an enclosure that is designed with your pet’s comfort in mind, such as appropriate floors or insulated walls.

Some pets prefer enclosed spaces while others prefer open areas with plenty of room to roam. If your pet has specific health needs, such as arthritis, you may need to choose an enclosure that accommodates these needs, such as a ramp for easy access.

Is the pet enclosure safe and secure?

You want to make sure that the enclosure is secure enough to keep your pet inside and prevent your pet from escaping. This is especially important if you have a pet that likes to dig, fly or climb. Consider additional safety features that may be important for your pet, such as non-toxic materials or rounded corners to prevent injury. If you plan to use the enclosure outdoors, make sure it is weather proof and secure against predators, such as foxes, cats, dogs and snakes or even children.

Does the pet enclosure have customisation options?

Some pet enclosures come with customisation options that allow you to add on extra features, such as shelves or ramps, to suit your pet’s specific needs. If you plan to use accessories like feeders, water dispensers, or toys, make sure the enclosure you choose is compatible with these accessories. Adding hammocks or tunnels, can provide additional stimulation and enrichment for your pet.

How easy it is to clean and maintain the pet enclosure?

You want to choose an enclosure that is easy to clean, durable, and resistant to wear and tear. This will save you time and money in the long run. Depending on what type of pet/enclosure you require you may need to look and enclosure with removable tops or doors that make it easy to reach inside.

Does the pet enclosure have ventilation and is it suitable for the climate?

Good ventilation is essential for your pet’s health and well-being. Choose an enclosure with adequate airflow to prevent overheating and ensure good air quality, adequate ventilation, especially if you have a pet that requires fresh air or has respiratory issues.

If you have a pet that produces odours, such as rabbits or ferrets, choose an enclosure that has odour control features, and consider it may need specialised bedding.

Good ventilation prevents moisture build-up, and if you live in a hot climate, you may need an enclosure with additional cooling features.

Consider the environment where the enclosure will be placed, such as indoors or outdoors. Choose an enclosure that is compatible with the environment to ensure its longevity and your pet’s comfort.

How does the age of your pet impact your choice of pet enclosure?

The age of your pet is an important factor in determining the appropriate pet enclosure, especially considering that pets grow bigger as they mature. Younger pets, such as puppies or kittens, may fit into a small enclosure but have a need for space to play and explore, making a larger enclosure with ample room for physical activities essential.

Older pets may require enclosures with easy access points and specific accommodations to cater to their changing mobility needs. Additionally, considering the exercise and stimulation requirements, escape-proofing, and seeking professional advice will help ensure that you select the most suitable enclosure for your pet’s age and individual needs.

What is the pet enclosure made of?

Pet enclosures are made from different materials, including wood, metal, plastic, and mesh. The material you choose should depend on the type of pet you have and its behavior. For example, if you have a pet that likes to chew on things, a metal enclosure may be more suitable than a wooden one. Depending on the type of pet durable materials may be easier to clean and maintain.

If you plan to use the enclosure outdoors, make sure it is weather-resistant and can withstand rain, wind, and other harsh elements.

Does the design of the pet enclosure suit your home?

Don’t forget to think about how the pet enclosure looks! While it’s not the most important thing, finding one that matches your home’s style can be a nice touch. Look for a design and color that fits your aesthetic and makes you happy. After all, a good-looking enclosure can add some flair to your space.

What is the cost of your pet enclosure?

Set a budget for your pet enclosure and look for models that fit within that range. Remember that quality is important, so avoid buying cheap enclosures that may not be durable.

Consider that you may need to purchase additional products to ensure the safe use of the pet enclosure. This may include protective flooring, suitable locking mechanisms, climate control accessories, and enclosure-specific food and water dispensers. These extra items enhance safety and functionality for your pet but also incur extra cost.

While the initial price of the enclosure may seem reasonable, high shipping costs can significantly impact the overall affordability of the product.

Should you research the brand before buying a pet enclosure?

Before you buy a pet enclosure, it’s a smart move to research the brand first to help ensure you’re getting a quality product. Check out customer reviews and feedback to see if the brand delivers on durability and functionality. 

It is a good idea to check out the brand’s customer support and warranty policies. A reputable brand typically provides excellent customer service and offers warranty coverage for their products. This is valuable in case you encounter any issues with the pet enclosure or need assistance with assembly or maintenance. By researching the brand’s reputation in terms of customer support, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’ll receive assistance if needed and that your investment is protected.

Is the pet enclosure multi-pet compatible?

If you have multiple pets, choose an enclosure that can accommodate all of them comfortably, or look for models that are designed for multi-pet use.

Is the pet enclosure easy to assemble/disassemble?

 Look for an enclosure that is easy to assemble, especially if you are not handy with tools. Some models come with pre-assembled parts or snap-together designs for easy setup. It is also important to consider the possibility you may have to disassemble if you need to move or store it. Some models may have snap-together designs or removable parts that make disassembly easy.

Find out how easy it is to move or take apart if necessary, for practicality and convenience in different situations. Whether you need to change its location, make adjustments, or clean it, having an enclosure that is easy to move or disassemble can make your life a lot easier.

Find out how big and heavy the pet enclosure is. A lighter enclosure that is not too bulky will be much easier to handle and transport. Check to see if it has handles or wheels or how easy it is to move. 

In terms of disassembly, it should be a straightforward process. Check to make sure you will not need special tools to take it apart. Look for enclosures that have simple assembly instructions and require minimal effort to disassemble. It saves time and prevents frustration when you can easily remove panels or parts without any complications.

Will your pet enclosure arrive on time?

It is important to check the delivery time when buying a pet enclosure for several reasons as delayed delivery times could mean your pet is left without proper housing for an extended period, which can cause stress and anxiety.

What is the warranty and returns policy?

Check the warranty and return policy of the enclosure you are considering. Look for a manufacturer that offers a warranty or return policy in case of defects or issues with the product.


Researching pet enclosures takes time and effort, but it’s worth it for your pet’s safety, comfort, and health. Before you make a purchase, consider the size, materials used, design, cost, and aesthetics of the enclosure. With so many options available, finding the right one for your pet’s needs may take some time, but it will be worth it in the end. So, take your time and do your research to ensure that your pet feels safe and comfortable within their new home.

What to consider before buying a pet enclosure.

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